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As digital transformation specialists, we understand the cultural shift required by your business to ensure new technologies are adopted without disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Digital Transformation is about changing the way we work, typically through the adoption of new mobile cloud technologies enabling increased collaboration and efficiencies within organisations. Within an IT function it’s easy for them to focus on the technology and not the wider impact it has on the business. This must change.

Traditionally when starting an IT project we obtain a helicopter view of the landscape, defining ‘As is’ and ‘To be’ blueprints enabling us to quickly map out the high-level transformation process. This is good as it quickly enables us to communicate with the business however we must go a step further. Digital Transformation will change the way your users interact with your systems therefore because of this change you must consider how you manage the impact on your users and engage them early in the process to guarantee success and full benefit realisation. You must tie together business needs and how people work.

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